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Last Modified: September 12, 2008Transportation

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According to CNN’s Money Magazine, the median average automobile commute time to and from work in Shreveport is only 17.3 minutes each way. Shreveport was rated among America’s best places to live in 2007 by Money Magazine partially because of its excellent road transportation system that developed around the intersection of Interstate 20 and Interstate 49. There is also a loop around the city formed by Interstate 220 on the north side and Louisiana State Highway 3132 on the south side. The efficient highway system complements Shreveport’s train lines, riverboats, and airlines operating out of Shreveport Regional Airport, and the system is capable of supporting Shreveport’s large trucking industry without adversely impacting driving times for residents.

Shreveport offers excellent public bus service

Good news for people who prefer to utilize Shreveport’s public bus system is the $2.50 DayPass, which allows people to ride all day long without having to buy a transfer or pay another fare within the same day. Senior citizens who are at least 62 years old, people with disabilities, and students can also qualify for a $17.50 monthly FlashPass that allows people to ride the bus system for one full month without purchasing any additional fares or transfers. Good news for elderly and disabled people who live in Shreveport is the public LiftLine Paratransit Service. This service provides personal curb-to-curb bus transportation to and from any destination in Shreveport-Bossier City. LiftLine Paratransit busses are equipped with lifts to accommodate people using wheelchairs and the fare is only $2.00 per ride. People who qualify to use Shreveport’s LiftLine Paratransit Service include those who have mental or visual impairments and those who find it difficult or painful to board, ride or get off a bus for physical reasons.