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Last Modified: September 12, 2008Neurosurgery

Neurosurgery is a highly specialized part of the field of medical surgery in which disorders of the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves are treated. There are many different types of diseases and disorders that are related to the human brain and significant segments of the world’s population are affected by neurological disorders. All such conditions are considered to be potentially life threatening, and many of them can cause paralysis, extreme pain, and even death.

Modern state of the art neurosurgery is readily available in Shreveport

One of the best neuroscience and neurosurgery facilities in the United States is located in the Health Sciences Center at Louisiana State University in Shreveport. LSU’s Health Science Center includes University Neurosurgery, which not only offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs to train students in the field of neurosurgery and conducts many different kinds of research, but also provides world-class patient care at University Hospital. The hospital serves more than 10,000 patients each year with state of the art treatment facilities and doctors who specialize in specific areas such as pediatric neurosurgery, neuro-oncology, stereotactic procedures, spinal lesions, aneurysm repair, radio surgery and skull base surgery. Surgeons have access to the most modern diagnostic and treatment tools such as Gamma Knife technology and a Biplane with 3D rotational road mapping capability that enables extremely complex operations to be performed efficiently. University Hospital also includes an intensive care unit that is exclusively devoted to the care of patients who suffer from neurological diseases.