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Last Modified: September 12, 2008Louisiana Boardwalk

The 850,000 sq. ft. Louisiana Boardwalk on the Red River in Bossier City is the largest combination shopping, dining and entertainment development in Louisiana. Ever since its opening in 2005, the Louisiana Boardwalk has been attracting tourists and resident shoppers with its 70 retail outlet stores, riverfront cafes and restaurants, and an entertainment area containing a 14-screen Regal Cinema digital projection movie theatre, an Island Fun arcade and a Tenpinz bowling alley. The entire development was designed to resemble a small town with intersecting streets and it even has picturesque trolleys for visitors to ride. The Magnolia Belle Trolley seats up to 40 people and looks like a classic breezer style trolley built during the 1920's with open sides and fronts. Trolleys can accommodate wheelchairs and they run on tracks along Boardwalk Boulevard transporting visitors from the parking garage to locations in the Boardwalk area.


There are many notable attractions in the Louisiana Boardwalk


People can stroll leisurely along the riverfront on the 2,500 ft. long Boardwalk Promenade, which is illuminated each night by massive light pillars, or sit comfortably in unique seating areas and enjoy the view with twinkling lights overhead. There are also many enjoyable water fountains located throughout the Boardwalk area. The Boardwalk Feature Fountain in the Entertainment District erupts with an exciting water show twice every hour and children are especially entertained by the Children's Pop Jet Fountain, an interactive fountain containing 12 pop jets with varying display heights and patterns. These jets can activate as often as five times per second in sequenced in playful patterns to thrill children and entertain adults. Children also adore the Louisiana Wildlife Carousel with its 30 classic animal figures, plus a few Louisiana alligators, black bears, a big bluebird and even a large crawfish to sit on and ride.


For current information about the Louisiana Boardwalk’s shows, stores and hours of operation, the contact phone number is (318) 752-1455.