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Originally Posted by AnimeSpirit
It's funny you should bring that up. Anywho, who really cares if we're using proper syntax or proper usage of terminology? We're all southerners here, not liguistic scholars. However, this also doesn't mean our education should be called into question. Besides, we're casually chatting on a forum here, not writing books.
1. I think it's obvious that I CARE. Let's try exercising that intelligence I know you have, Anime, instead of jumping on the stupidity bandwagon (according to Isabelle, this is a compliment and you should be proud).

2. One doesn't have to be a scholar to appreciate someone NOT butchering the English language. Furthermore, you may talk in slang, but you certainly were not taught to write that way which gives me EVERY reason to call someone's education into question at that point.

3. Did you ever think that bragging about your southern dialect instead of trying to correct it might be part of the reason why the rest of the country laughs at the perceived intelligence of the average southerner?...but hopefully you at least spit the dip out of your mouth before speaking.
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