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Tom Pace 'One-On'One' with former Gov. Kathleen Blanco

Tom Pace 'One-On'One' with former Gov. Kathleen Blanco

Posted by: Tom Pace - February 18, 2008

Former Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco Looks Back: An Exclusive Interview with Tom Pace, Executive Editor, www.ShreveTalk.com   

Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco visited Shreveport on Monday, Oct 29th, 2007. 
In a one-hour, exclusive, "A to Z" interview with www.ShreveTalk.com's  own Tom Pace, Louisiana’s Governor expressed herself on such controversial events as Hurricane Katrina, the Charles Foti investigations, and the Jena Six protests.

The full hour audio recording of this interview is available here exclusively on SBLive! in two parts.  This recording is provided as a mp3 download or podcast. (Click on the "podcast" link at the end of this article)  Video excerpts of the interview will also be posted on this site as they are produced. Update, youtube video clip below.

Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco said she was disappointed in the recent FEMA "fake" news conference on the California wildfires…which has caused major FEMA repercussions.

CNN Quote:

In an internal memo obtained Monday by CNN, Federal Emergency Management Agency chief David Paulison rips the agency's public affairs staff for a staged news conference in which staff members posed questions to FEMA's No. 2 official, Harvey Johnson. Paulison said the entire episode "represented egregious decision-making" by the director of external affairs for FEMA, Pat Philbin, and his staff, who, he said, "lost perspective of the core imperative that they preserve the credibility of our agency." Philbin was scheduled to become director of public affairs for the director of national intelligence -- a job National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell said Philbin will not be doing. It was not immediately clear whether Philbin offered his resignation or was fired just as he was set to begin the job.

In the one-on-one candid interview on Monday, Blanco commented on a wide variety of topics to Pace, from The Jena 6:  she says "I think it has set us back...it's very regretful"…to how she was judged by the country when she cried on national television while talking about the Katrina devastation. Blanco says, "For a man [to cry] its very sensitive (referring to Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour),  for a women, she’s weak."

Blanco also set the record straight about a recent grand jury investigation into the alleged mercy-killings by a Doctor and three nurses in a New Orleans Hospital immediately following Katrina. She said Louisiana Attorney General Charles Foti, "…He seems to have felt a strong obligation, he really didn't ask my opinion." The four were recently found not guilty, by a no true bill from the grand jury.

Host of The Talk of the Town, Tom Pace questioned Blanco about when she actually decided not to run for re-election, "I knew in December of ‘06…" she said, "I didn’t announce it until March" of this year.

Note from the Publisher:

We at www.ShreveTalk.com  do not see our website as a "drive by" media source or a "soft venue", but rather we define ourselves as an alternative Internet news source, so called Media 2.0 which is not limited by time constraints, rating systems, and commercial breaks that define conventional media. Our intention is not to convey a liberal or conservative viewpoint.  We believe our readers and participants are intelligent and can draw their own conclusions and express their own opinions. It is both with purpose and pride that we offer this non-stop, unedited, full hour interview with our present Louisiana Governor over the World Wide Web.

As Executive Editor, I was fortunate to delve deep into Blanco’s past, present, and future.  I am pleased to have recorded this interview not only to report a current news story, but also to preserve our Louisiana legacy for future generations to consider long after catastrophe’s such as Katrina and Rita fade in memory. Politics aside, the devastation of New Orleans was an unprecedented catastrophe in recent history, and we hope you garner additional perspective into such extraordinary and inconceivable times that we all witnessed firsthand here in Louisiana.

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