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Halftime: Alabama 27-Colorado 14, Dec. 30th, 2007

Halftime: Alabama 27-Colorado 14, Dec. 30th, 2007

Posted by: Tom Pace - December 30, 2007
Halftime: Alabama 27-Colorado 14, Dec. 30th, 2007
Final: Alabama 30-Colorado 24 at 10:27pm in PetroSun I-Bowl
Cinderella didn't get the glass slipper tonight.  Colorado tried in the last 1.5 seconds, but the old "hook-and-ladder" pass, then laterals. fell short.
The Buffs put up a good fight, but in the end, 'Bama recorded their 7th victory, posting a 7-6 winning season for 2007, for 1st year head Coach Nick Saban. 

3:51 in The I-Bowl: Colorado 14 yd TD Pass: Tide 30 - Buffs 24
Cody Hawkins makes another TD pass to Tyson Devree in a drive that takes only 45 seconds.  PAT Good: Alabama 30 - Colorado 24 

3 minutes remain: Can the Buffs make The Miracle Play?

4:10 in the I-Bowl Game: Alabama 30 - Colorado 17

8:20 to play in the game at 10:00pm: Missed opportunitiesby the Buffs, and the The Tide gives it back to Colorado.  Buffs 1st & 10 from their 20. 

Out of the blue, 'Bama's Darren Mustin intercepts Cody Hawkins, and
"The Tide is on a Roll".  This may be final nail in the Buffs coffin.

Alabama 1st & Goal at the Buffs 10.
At the 4:10 mark in the Game : 'Bama's Lee Tiffin kicks a 26 yard FG.
Alabama 30 - Colorado 17

Q4 Begins: Alabama 27 - Colorado 17 at 9:45pm, December 30th

The Buffs seem to have the momentum, going into the 4th quarter.
With 13:22 remaining in the Game: 'Bama is 1st & 10 at their own 17.
Now, if the Buffs can stop the Tide, they still have 10 points to make up.
Is another I-Bowl OT possible?

9:48 in the 3rd quarter: Alabama 27 - Colorado 14

1st & 10 Alabama at their own 32...then 1st & 10 at 'Bama 44.

Suddenly, an Alabama fumble, Colorado marches, then stalls,
and a 28 yard Kevin Eberhart FG pulls the Buffs to within 10:

3 minutes remain in Q3: Alabama 27 - Colorado 17

I-Bowl Halftime: Alabama 27-Colorado 14, Dec. 30th, 8:40pm 
By: Tom Pace, Executive Editor, SBLive!

Just when it seemed Alabama had a Buffalo on the ropes, Colorado put 7 points on the board, with a 4 yard TD strike, Cody Hawkins to Tyson Devree, with 2 minutes left in the half. 
The Buffs' touchdown was set-up by a 35 yard interception return. 

Alabama took the ensuing kick-off, and Colorado stuffed them on 4 downs.
Fitzgerald punted, and the Buffaloes take possession at their 45 yd. line.

46 seconds remained, and Colorado seemed determined to put more points on the board before the half ended.  A couple of complete passes from Hawkins to Devree, and, then it's Buffalo 2nd & 10 from 'Bama's 26 yard line.

Suddenly, with 4 seconds to go in the half, like lightening, Colorado's Cody Hawkins tosses a 25-yard TD strike, this time, to Buffs Senior WR, Dusty Sprague. PAT is good.

Colorado cuts the 'Bama lead in half: Alabama 27- Colorado 14

It's Halftime now, Colorado's marching band performed first, now Alabama's
Million Dollard Band is entertaining the crowd of 47,000 plus.

Community Renewal International received the Omar Bradley Spirit of Independence Award at midfield.  Bowl Chairman Joe Darwin made the presentation to Community Renewal Founder McCarter...Virginia Shehee also
accompanied him during the award ceremonies.

It's 9:05pm, Sunday, December 30th: Colorado saying, "Game On!"

With Ralphie IV, leading the charge to start the 2nd Half, the Buffs are on offense first, and, on the move.  Coach Dan Hawkins son, a redshirt freshman, Cody is the starting QB for the Buffs. (11-16-1) with 2 TD's, Cody seems to getting in a groove.

A 48 yard Colorado FG attempt  is wide left.

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