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Happy New Year & I-Bowl Wrap-Up By: Tom Pace

Happy New Year & I-Bowl Wrap-Up By: Tom Pace

Posted by: Tom Pace - January 01, 2008
Happy New Year, and I-Bowl Wrap-Up  By: Tom Pace, Jan 1, 2008

Alabama outlasts Colorado 30-24, December 30th, 2007,  in Shreveport, Louisiana 

The Scoreboard Final:
Alabama 30-Colorado 24.  My congratulations to the PetroSun Independence Bowl, for putting on yet another, outstanding SEC-Big XII match-up.  The Tide wins in typical I-Bowl fashion, hanging on to a seven-point lead, and finally making a mid-field tackle to end the Buffs last second attempt at a come-from-behind miracle play. 

Sitting in the press-box on the west side of
Independence Stadium, I marveled at the crowd of 47,043 that turned out to support this annual sporting event in Shreveport, Louisiana.  Watching the University of Alabama’s Million Dollar Band gave me goose-bumps. 

And, who will ever forget
Colorado’s Ralphie IV, 1,200 pounds of buffalo, leading her handlers around the field.  Voted America’s favorite mascot,  Ralphie made two appearances Sunday night…at the beginning of the game, and then, at the start of the second half.   It was a magnificent sight to behold-the fans loved it! 

I took several pictures of the 2007 I-Bowl…Pre-Game activities around
Independence Stadium, along with others at the AT&T Tailgate Party in the Roundup Room.  I’ll have those posted over the next few days.  Please check back to www.shreveport.com , and click on ‘My Photos’ to see them. 

There’s also several I-Bowl interviews I made, and will post those soon, as well.  Just click on ‘My Podcasts’ to hear them.  Some are from the Minuteman Luncheon, others, from the Chairman’s VIP Party, still more from the AT&T Tailgate Party, and of course, the Post-Game Press Conference with both Coaches and Players from ‘Bama & Colorado.

y thanks, to I-Bowl Chairman Joe Darwin, along with Executive Director Missy Setters, and her fine staff, for helping make SBLive!’s coverage of the bowl, so enjoyable. Jeff Dittmer, Patrick Meehan, John Cordero, Adam Sharp, continue to give the professional touch to all they do in working with the Bowl Sponsors, the Community, and the Media. 

One thing’s for sure, Mike Akers from the Bowl Foundation, and the folks at the
Holiday Inn Financial Plaza, sure knew how to host some 200 members of the media. They really made us feel right at home. Congratulations!

One final note on the 2007
Independence Bowl: My heartfelt thanks, and a big ‘tip of the hat’ to Gordon LeBlanc, Jr., Rayfield Wright, John Templin, and the PetroSun family for being the bowl’s Title Partner.  I trust the PetroSun Independence Bowl will continue a long-lasting relationship with Shreveport-Bossier and the college football community for years to come.

ow, here’s my Happy New Year Wishes: to all my family, friends, business associates, and acquaintances:  

First, my thanks especially, to my longtime friend,  Bandwise, LLC, owner, Allen Marsalis, for giving me the opportunity to help make "The Talk of the Town" all it can be for the communities of Shreveport-Bossier, the Ark-La-Tex, the nation, and the world.

Also, thanks to everyone, who has helped in making my transition to www.ShreveTalk.com  such a smooth one, and that means the Bandwise,LLC team:
Kevin Heflin, and Chris Gray.  Their support and expertise helps make this such a quality news portal, and website.  

My only wish is that I could list EVERYONE by name, whom I have been blessed with knowing.  If I missed naming one of you, I would be very regretful.

I will say, that one person stands out among my friends, like a surrogate father to me: Frank Page…my former co-worker, who has also served as my confidant, and compatriot.  Frank and his wife Helen, have always been supportive, in my life, and endeavors, and I love, and thank them for that.

My daughter Valarie, and her husband Bert are always there, and I’m a very grateful and blessed father to have their love.  I’m so very proud of both of them.  

To Su Zanne: For more than 20 years, we’ve loved each other, and I thank you for your companionship and friendship, as well.  Your children, Heidi, and her husband Jason…along with Kyle and his wife Tracie, are equally kind and thoughtful. 

Next to God, I believe your family gives you strength and encouragement
to help cope with the tough times, and, celebrate your successes.

Finally, to all of you readers: May you have Health, Happiness, Peace, Prosperity, Joy & Love, in 2008, and forever. May God Bless,
Tom Pace.

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