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I ate lunch at Courtyard Coffee today. Here is a mini-review. I had a Ham and Swiss on sourdough, a Cafe Mocha (how could I resist) and a slice of Italian creme cake. Also Included chips. Total ticket: $12 (plus I left $1 tip)

When it comes to sandwiches, bread is very important to me. And the Sourdough was very good, and sliced thicker than normal sandwich bread. I would call the bread "gourmet" quality and fresh not crumbly. (Is "crumbly" a word? LOL) The lettuce and tomato were fresh, although I prefer iceberg over leaf lettuce. But it was fresh and green like lettuce should be. Ham and cheese were good. Pickle and chips were just plain ole pickle slice and bag of chips, but I don't know what else I would expect. I don't even like "kettle chips".

The Mocha was awesome as usual. Less sweet then Starbucks so I can actually taste the coffee! Definitely gourmet quality compared to "store bought" Folgers or Maxwellhouse. Isabella, if you don't drink coffee, you should try a small Cafe Mocha sometime. It is like a cafe-au-lait with some chocolate syrup in it as a sweetener. Very dessert-drink-like but with no alcohol of course. Good for after dinner as a pick me up.

The Italian creme cake was definitely "gourmet" stuff. Not something I could make out of a Duncan Hines mix. Overall, I think $12 was ok for high end coffee and dessert, plus a good sandwich with chips. My ticket would be much less with a coke or without the fancy dessert but with all those nice looking goodies, I felt in the mood to splurge a little, plus I knew I would be reporting here, so I went for it. I will be eatting there again.
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