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A Pagan's Theories on Recinarnation


This is an article I wrote on the theories of Reincarnation. Naturally, there is no way to verify them, but they offer a comforting perspective on the subject of death. There are a number of comparisons to the Christian Ascension Theory and several points that contradict it. However, I mean no disrespect or offense to the Christian path.

What happens when we die? This is a question that has haunted our race since the dawn of man's existence. The mystery of death is often feared and most people go to extreme limits to avoid it. Survival is at the base of our very primal instincts. Those who choose to face it in service of others are called heroes. However, we still do not know what happens after death. Every major religion has its own accepted theory of what occurs after death, but the two most widely accepted theories are reincarnation and ascension.
Ascension is primarily the Christian theory that discusses the soul's ascension to another plane of existence (Heaven or Hell) following death, depending on how you lived your life. Reincarnation involves an eternal cycle of death and rebirth for each soul. Reincarnation will be explained here. Reading this with an open mind, you will come to realize how natural reincarnation is and how it aligns with other natural cycles in our world.... Click the link for the whole article.

Read and comment, but do NOT flame.

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