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cables and wires

Originally Posted by joepole
DVI and HDMI are electrically identical, so adapter cables are easy and cheap to make. An HDMI cable is nothing more than a digital DVI cable with a differently-shaped connector and extra pins for audio.
I have few problems using technology once it is set up. But I have been struggling with getting the right equipment and connections now for three months. I finally have a new TV at work that has an S-Video port. I now have a fair (thought I'd like clearer) picture from the computer to the TV. But I don't like having to read a book to be able to work a is ridiculously complicated to me to have to program one's television. Also, I still don't have the right audio cord...have finally managed to get audio out of the tv, but it is very weak on some things, like the videos I have downloaded from iTunes...lower quality and not much more volume than the computer itself. The ones I make myself with Quicktime are much better. I've thought of just getting some speakers to hook up to the laptop. Since I teach music, the audio is especially important to me. Also, now I realize that most of my software won't work on my new Intel Mac, so I either need an Aver-Key to use the old G3 or update or get new software. As Roseann Roseanna Danna (sp) used to say, "It's always something!"
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