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Swing Voter

Well I'm one of those Swing Voters you were talking about.

Whether or not you believe that global warming is real or not I say it makes sense to switch to other forms of energy that WE can control as a matter of national security. I would prefer that those various other sources of energy be non-polluting forms of energy just because I HATE SMOG!

I support gun ownership but also believe that there should be stricter rules about who we allow to own guns.

I think we should re-deploy all the troops that are guarding the oil pipelines in Iraq to the Texas border and give them orders to shoot anything that moves.

I think government should operate within a BALANCED budget, I do.

I think that anyone who receives assistance from the government should be required to either earn it or pay it back, but I also understand that poor hungry people are a bigger threat to society than wealthy well-fed ones. Some social assistance programs are necessary to prevent revolution.

I'll leave it up to you to figure out what my political persuasions are.
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