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Originally Posted by piemaker720
Who cares if the rest of the country laughs at us folks in the south? I have went to other states and people have told me they love listening to my southern twang. So I look at it as I'M pround to be from the SOUTH. If anyone doesn't like our southern dialect then they can feel free to move north.
1. Again, I think it's obvious that I CARE.

2. I'm not talking about your "twang" or your accent, if you will. I'm talking about the choice of terms utilized to describe a specific action. Simply put, avoid and ignore are not synonymous and they never will be, and your southern twang doesn't have jack to do with that...

3. I'm proud to be southern myself, but not so proud of billyjoebob just throwing words together and expecting the reader to decipher what he means because they are supposed to be uneducated hillbillies too.
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