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You have to keep in mind that many of the polls are deceiving.

First of all, Republican polls are usually conducted by soliciting those who voted last election cycle who were registered Republicans at that time. Much of Dr. Paul's current campaign support is comprised mostly of those who were not registered Republicans at that time, were undecided or even crossed party lines and were Democratic. Also, many first-time voters are supporting Paul, so don't go by the polls. Remember, Buchanan was only polling at 3% when he won his primary.

Secondly, many polls are conducted by land-line phones. I personally do not have a land-line phone and cell phones are not used in these polls. Therefore, the sampling is very limited in this manner.

The most telling factor of support are the straw polls. You will not find many straw polls that Ron Paul has lost. Just wait until you see how many delegates support him!
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