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Originally Posted by Al Swearengen
Listen Brain, I realize you've got a bug up your ass about Christianity, and thats fine. But if you're gonna argue a point, I would only ask that you do so as intelligently as possible. THINK about what you're sayin BEFORE ya actually type it out, ok?
Listen "Al", you need not concern yourself with whats up my ass, ok? Thats between me, and Brucie, and all of my "friends" down at the "White Swallow" Bar and Bathhouse in Nachitoches where I wait tables and work the glory hole on Tuesday nights. And you should consider doling out those folksy, homespun nuggets of wisdom a bit more sparingly, lest they become tiresome, ok straight man? Now, since this thread is about Rosie, I would like to say that Rosie is a kindred spirit and a good friend to homosexuals everywhere, and if any of you had even HALF the guts that she has, you wouldnt be talking **** behind her back like this.
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