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Well lets see, one why is he throwing stuff at his teacher, back in the day that would have gotten him sent to the principle or coaches office and he would have taken a few licks for his misjudgement.

Why do we have zero tolerance in schools? I'll tell you, because the first time a white kid was let off and a black kid was punished the NAACP or ACLU would be at that school screaming racism. So in order to be "fair" everyone is treated the same. So if little Billy who is a straight A student and never gets in trouble brings a letter opener to school and little Bob brings his grandfather pocket knife into class to cut little Jerome, they get treated the same.

It's parents and societies fault, if you want to place blame look no futher than the loud mouth mother at the PTA, the one who never knows where her children are, never helps with homework, and could care less about the education of her childrens!
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