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Why has no one built a big mall here?

I moved here a couple of years ago from Omaha and was suprised to find that there were no "real" malls here. I figured at I would find at least one mall of decent size.

Is it that there is no support for them or just that being a lower economy state people here can't support a larger mall.

It was a suprise to my duaghter when we went to the bossier mall (which she calls the flea market) and then to the shreveport one and both were what we would call strip malls. Coming from a place with 3 and 4 story malls it was quite an eye opener.

We really like the weather here and it suprises us that this area is so far behind the times.

Things we would like to see here (if someone has the pull)

1. Bigger indoor malls (no one wants to shop outside in 100% humidity and 98 degree temps)
2. Dave and Busters
3. Boston Market
4. an amusement park (not party central)
5. Less crime
6. Better schools (SB could attract more people if they would do something about the school system...ranking 48th is no way to bring people to your state)
7. Better parks and recreation centers.
8. Fix traffic on Airline drive in Bossier

That's all...I'm off the soap box now.
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