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Post Bossierís Benton Road Overpass Officially Opens Monday January 7th

Bossierís Benton Road Overpass Officially Opens Monday January 7th

By Tom Pace, Executive Editor, SBLive!
January 8th, 2007

Finally. 11 months, and 11.7 million dollars later, Bossierís Benton Road overpass is complete. Cars started traveling in both directions late Monday afternoon, as an e-mail from Bossier City P.I.O. Mark Natale notified the media. Construction began back in March of 2007, and finished this past weekend. Some final striping was added Monday.

Now, it only takes about one minute for motorists to drive the mile or so, from the stop light on Benton Road in front of McDonaldís, crossing over the Kansas City Southern railroad tracks, then, exiting at the stop light at the Kroger store, just south of the Benton Road intersection at East Texas Street.

Area merchants along Benton Road should also benefit from the overpass, as itís expected to encourage more consumers to make their shopping trips to Bossier City.

Waiting for a KCS train to make its trek thru Bossier, stopping traffic for up to thirty minutes some times, has been a source of frustration for Bossier residents for many years.

As I drove across the overpass Monday about 5 oíclock, I marveled at how smooth the one-minute trip was. Congratulations Bossier, itís the greatest stress reducer since the vibrating recliner.

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