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AnimeSpirit 03-15-2007 09:42 PM

Ghost in the Shell - Anime Review
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This is certainly no ordinary anime when compared to many of the better known titles. Ghost in the Shell is certainly no anime for children, but not just because it is violent and has its share of gore. There is so much political dialogue in the series, that many young kids would probably struggle to comprehend the storylines of each individual episode.

Ghost in the Shell is an anime series set in Japan decades into the future from now ( year 2030-2050; not sure exactly). During this time, cybernetic prosthesis has not only become extremely advance, but highly common among citizens. Cybernetic implants on many citizens include interphase jacks on the backs of their necks, comlink devices in their heads that act much the way telepathy does, video feeds in their eyes, and concealed weapons in their arms and legs. In addition, a person who has undergone an accident and left with a severely damages body could have their brain removed and placed into a cybernetic shell which is then placed into a fully cybernetic body.

This is the fate of the story's main character, the somewhat luscious Maj. Motoko Kusanagi (pictures below) of Public Security Section 9. The Major, as she is constantly addresses by everyone, was unfortunate enough to be the sole survivor in a massive plane crash when she was 6-years-old. She was placed into a fully-cyberized body and has been ever since. She has been in the military and now serves as the 2nd in command of Section 9. She is stoic and highly commanding and gets every inch of the respect her subordinates have.

Section 9 is a federal special forces unit, consisting almost entirely of cyborgs like Maj. Kusanagi, who works much in the way the FBI works. They chase terrorists, international hitmen, and criminals that go above and beyond the capabilities of local law enforcement.

The series has its humor and comedic moments, but in all, it's a very serious show to watch. It is fun to see what all technology is capable of when it is developed to the degree used in the series. Even the Internet is used much of the time. The action in Ghost in the Shell is decent and the storylines (despite being very hard to comprehend and full of political jargon) get very deep and intriguing.

I would recommend this series to anyone who enjoys the futuristic mecha type animes or love a good futuristic cop show.

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