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Claire96 03-05-2009 12:20 AM

Smart Cochin city
Among the people who have enriched the culture of India, the people of Kerala occupy a place of honor. In fact, Kerala culture is an integral part of Indian culture. Cochin like the state of Kerala can claim to have a cultural heritage which runs into the long recesses of antiquity.

Cochin economy and culture is a cosmopolitan whirlpool where several people and races have made their significant contributions. The coming of the European powers gave a boost to the economy of Cochin in certain fields. The Portuguese, the Dutch, and the British have contributed to the economic development of the city. The gradual evolution of composite and cosmopolitan culture also led to the emergence of a spirit of cultural tolerance which continues to persist among the people of Cochin.

The culture of Cochin has persisted through generations specifically for these reasons of antiquity, unity, and universality. Itsí culture represents the embodiment of the collective achievements of a people in the fields of religion and philosophy, language and literature, art and architecture, education and learning and economic and social organization. In fact, Cochin has blossomed forth in all its dynamism and is encouraging its people to reach the peak of excellence in all their endeavors.

The process of economic liberalization prescribed by Reserve Bank of India is promoting NRI investments into real estate Cochin with the advantage of repatriation of the capital invested and even the rental proceeds. With the smart city project flagged off, Real estate Cochin is expected to takeoff in a major way. This project alone has the potential to create huge requirement for living spaces in Cochin and adjoining suburban areas.

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